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Trade and Treasury Management

Elevate Your Trade, Treasury, and Cash Management Capabilities with Prime Financial Group

Prime Financial Group provides cutting-edge trade, treasury, and cash management solutions to help your organization operate at peak performance. Our integrated suite of services enables you to optimize working capital, streamline processes, and gain greater visibility and control over your financial operations.

Seamlessly Manage Global Treasury Operations

Managing a complex web of domestic and international treasury operations is a massive undertaking.

Prime Financial Group rises to the challenge with robust capabilities including:

Global Cash Visibility And Control

Consolidate cash positions across regions and entities in a unified treasury workstation. Perform cash forecasting, monitor liquidity in real-time, and execute payments globally.

Centralized receivables and payables

Streamline processing with standardized invoices, collections, and disbursements. Automate reconciliations and digitize approvals.

FX and risk management

Hedge currency exposures, leverage FX self-service capabilities, and tap into market intelligence and advisory services.

Bank relationship management

Rationalize banking partners, negotiate better rates and services, and centralize bank connectivity through SWIFT, host-to-host, and other channels.

Regulatory support

Ensure compliance with shifting regulations related to payments, data, liquidity reporting and more across jurisdictions.

With Prime Financial Group, you gain the technology infrastructure, skilled personnel, and banking relationships to scale your treasury globally while controlling costs.

Optimize Working Capital and Cash Flow

Working capital optimization is vital for financial health. Prime Financial Group empowers you to:
  • Forecast cash requirements – Develop accurate short and long-term projections of cash inflows and outflows.
  • Manage inventories efficiently – Optimize stock levels to balance customer service with working capital needs.
  • Accelerate receivables – Automate invoicing and collections, offer dynamic discounting, and reduce DSO.
  • Extend payables – Renegotiate terms, centralize approvals, and take advantage of supply chain financing.
  • Monitor performance – Gain real-time visibility into working capital KPIs like DPO, DSO, and cash conversion cycle.
Proactive management of working capital translates directly into freeing up liquidity, reducing borrowing needs, and ultimately increasing profitability.

Streamline and Automate Procure-to-Pay

Procure-to-pay processes are often dispersed, manual, and inefficient.

Prime Financial Group offers a better way:

  • Centralized procurement – Consolidate spending, enforce policies, leverage economies of scale, and monitor TCO.
  • Touchless P2P – Digitize requisitioning, automate routing for approvals, integrate with suppliers for seamless ordering and invoicing.
  • Dynamic discounting – Optimize payment timing to capture early-payment discounts.
  • AP automation – Centralize invoice receipt and processing, digitize workflows, enable self-service, integrate 3-way matching.
  • Payment services – Centralize payments, leverage various payment methods, enrich remittance details, optimize liquidity.
By connecting the dots across the P2P cycle, Prime Financial Group helps you cut costs, improve control, and unlock working capital.

Integrate Order-to-Cash for Accelerated Cash Flow

The order-to-cash process is vital for efficient cash flow and optimal working capital. Prime Financial Group facilitates:
  • Order management – Digitize ordering, integrate with billing and fulfillment, and provide customer self-service.
  • Billing and invoicing – Automate billing, generate electronic invoices, and transmit invoices in customers’ preferred formats.
  • Collections – Initiate automatic reminders, integrate with customer payment portals, and offer dynamic discounting.
  • Cash application – Automate receipt and application of incoming payments across regions.
  • Credit and deductions – Streamline credit checks, dispute handling, deductions management.
  • Cash forecasting – Enhance projections based on sales pipelines, seasonal trends, and changing conditions.
End-to-end order-to-cash integration accelerates receivables, reduces costs, and provides real-time cash visibility.

Heighten Control Across Cash Transactions

Every cash transaction represents risk, making heightened control imperative. Prime Financial Group enables:
  • Configurable workflows – Ensure appropriate safeguards around transaction initiation, review, approval, and release.
  • System and user access controls – Restrict access to authorized personnel. Track and audit all user activity.
  • Secure bank connectivity – Leverage encrypted channels for bank communications and transactions.
  • Reconciliation automation – Automatically reconcile cash, trade, and treasury transactions. Manage exceptions.
  • Compliance controls – Maintain compliant records of transactions. Adhere to regulations related to payments and data.
  • Business continuity – Ensure resilience of treasury operations and data in the face of outages or disasters.

With Prime Financial Group, you gain the controls to securely manage cash while enabling optimal access for treasury teams.

Tap Our Treasury and Trade Advisory Expertise

In addition to technology and services, Prime Financial Group provides tremendous intellectual capital around treasury and trade:

  • Benchmarking and diagnostics – Assess treasury and working capital performance against peers. Identify improvement opportunities.
  • Operating model design – Define optimal organizational structures, systems architecture, and banking and outsourcing models.
  • Product implementation – Leverage deep product expertise to configure and integrate solutions for maximum impact.
  • Bank and market analysis – Compare providers, analyze product and service offerings, negotiate better deals.
  • Regulatory guidance – Monitor regulatory changes across jurisdictions. Communicate impacts and ensure compliance.
  • Training – Educate personnel to get optimal value from new capabilities and to stay abreast of regulations and best practices.

Prime Financial Group combines software and services with intellectual capital to meet today’s treasury and trade challenges – and those to come.

The Prime Financial GroupAdvantage

Prime Financial Group provides a uniquely integrated set of trade, treasury, and cash management solutions tailored to organizations of varying sizes and complexity.

1. Comprehensive Capabilities

Our robust suite of solutions spans:
  • Treasury management
  • Payables and receivables
  • Order-to-cash
  • Procure-to-pay
  • Supply chain finance
  • Liquidity management
  • Risk management
  • Compliance

Wherever your needs lie across the treasury, working capital, and trade finance spectrum, Prime Financial Group has you covered.

2. Flexible Delivery Models

Prime Financial Group offers flexible options to meet your organizational needs:

  • On-premise solutions – Deploy our solutions in your own infrastructure for total control.
  • SaaS/cloud solutions – Gain advantages like limited IT overhead and predictable costs.
  • Managed solutions – Outsource parts or all of solution delivery to Prime Financial Group.

Whether you manage end-to-end or leverage Prime Financial Group’s expertise, we provide options.

3. Seamless System Integration

Our solutions integrate with your financial system of record and any other relevant enterprise systems:
  • ERPs and accounting software
  • Banking and payments platforms
  • Procurement and supply chain systems
  • CRM and sales management tools
We eliminate integration headaches while ensuring data flows seamlessly.

4. Value-Driven Pricing

Prime Financial Group offers pricing models tailored to deliver maximum value:

  • Fixed, subscription pricing – Predictable flat monthly fees based on services consumed.
  • Transaction-based pricing – Fees based on volume activity to align costs to value.
  • Outcome-based pricing – Fees based on realized benefits like working capital improvements or cost savings.

No matter the pricing model, Prime Financial Group ensures it reflects the value you derive.

Realize Your Trade, Treasury, And Working Capital Goals

With Prime Financial Group as your trusted partner, you gain the capabilities and expertise to overcome complexity, reduce costs, control risk, and unlock the value within your organization’s treasury and financial functions.
Prime Financial Group rises to the challenge with robust capabilities including:

1. Optimize Treasury Management

Achieve total visibility, control, and efficiency across domestic and global treasury operations. Centralize cash positioning, FX, risk management, bank connectivity, and financial transactions in one seamless hub.

2. Maximize Working Capital

Liberate trapped cash. Optimize inventories, receivables, payables, and cash flow timing. Unlock liquidity, reduce borrowing, and drive profitability.

3. Streamline Source-to-Pay

Automate time-consuming, manual processes across the procure-to-pay cycle. Cut costs, improve control, and speed time to revenue.

4. Accelerate Order-to-Cash

Tightly integrate order management, billing, collections, and cash application. Accelerate invoice delivery, payment, and cash allocation. Reduce DSO.

5. Heighten Visibility and Control

Maintain a clear, accurate view of cash positions, transactions, counterparties, and risks firmwide. Automate reconciliations, controls, and compliance.

6. Enhance Financial Reporting and Analysis

Enhance Financial Reporting and Analysis Leverage real-time data and advanced analytics to gain insights into financial performance, trends, and opportunities. Streamline reporting processes, ensure data accuracy, and empower decision-makers with actionable intelligence.

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