p r i m e f i n a n c i a l

Our team of banking and financial experts can provide personalized advice and money management solutions to help you:

  • Budget and track spending – We can help create a personalized budget and offer tools for tracking spending and expenses. This can help identify waste, cut costs, and work towards financial goals.
  • Save and invest – Let us help you make a plan for saving consistently, whether in standard savings accounts or investing in the markets. We can assist with 401ks, IRAs, and tax-advantaged accounts.
  • Manage debt and improve credit – From consolidating debt to expert advice on paying down balances responsibly, we can customize a debt reduction plan for your situation and counsel you on improving credit standing over time.
  • Finance major purchases – When you’re ready to buy a house, make home improvements, finance college tuition, or make other large purchases, we can guide you through tailored financing options.
  • Plan for retirement – It’s never too early to develop a retirement savings strategy. We’ll help you maximize contributions and choose the right investment and savings vehicles.
  • Protect assets and income – From insurance to wills and trusts, we have experts available to help you assess risk and implement protections for your assets and income streams.
  • Navigate major life events – Events like marriage, divorce, having children, becoming disabled, job changes, or the death of a loved one often necessitate financial adjustments. We’re here to provide financial guidance through these transitions.

Schedule a call with a financial advisor at any PFG branch or call our money management hotline today to get started maximizing your money’s potential.